Tide Times 2019 - Cornish Coast (based on Falmouth)

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The tidal predictions in these booklets are produced yearly, from data supplied by the Admiralty. The easy to read information is adjusted for British Summer Time, whilst phases of the moon are shown as well. Estimated tidal time differences (adjustments) for various locations around the designated port are shown. The tide height information for each timetable is based on its primary port. Both maximum and mimimum tide height information is presented; a quick scan down the tide heights columns swiftly reveals the dates of spring tides (maximum tidal range) and of neap tides (minimum tidal range). There is also a table showing weekly sunrise and sunset times and other useful information for those who visit the beach. This booklet is ideal for walkers, anglers, surfers, sailors and families who wish to stay safe on the beach and not miss or get caught out by the tide. 

Format:       Booklet

Size:           9cm wide x 12 cms high

2019 RRP:  £1.50